The Token

Cyberverseland's native token, ticker symbol $CYBERVERSE, is an BSC based BEP-20 token.
The Cyberverseland token will be highly utilized in the metaverse, serving as the primary currency for most in-game transactions. Players can use $CYBERVERSE in the following ways:
  1. 1.
    Purchasing assets
The purchase of land, vehicles, buildings, NFTs and more can be done using the Cyberverseland token.
2. Purchasing Ad Space
Advertising space will be a significant monetization opportunity in Cyberverseland, and the transaction can be made using $CYBERVERSE.
3. Mint NFTs
Users can own their own digital assets in Cyberverseland and mint them as NFTs using the token as payment.
4. Token Staking
Holders of $CYBERVERSE can choose to stake their coins and become eligible for rewards such as airdrops
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